Monday, September 1, 2008

Banksy Paints New Orleans as Katrina Memorial

More photos provided by Super Touch are here

We’re moved by this new work by Banksy spotted in New Orleans. The prolific street artist created these pieces to serve as bold reminders of the devastation Hurricane Katrina left in its wake, and to pay homage to the citizens of New Orleans who continue to endure it.

SuperTouch reports:

Said Banksy of the operation, “Three years after Katrina I wanted to make a statement about the state of the clean-up operation,” and attested that the city’s levee wall offered “the best painting surface in the state of Louisiana.” In the art world, timing is everything, and as the anonymous bomber wraps up his project, the city once again braces for the onslaught of an oncoming tropical storm…

Source PSFK

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