Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hand Drawn QR Code for Marc Jacobs

The QR code, used to store and decode small bits of data via printed symbol, received an artistic rendering by SET as part of its campaign for Marc by Marc Jacobs. The QR patterns—usually a stark, blocky, black and white pattern—are here re-imagined in a sketchy and stylish fashion, accompanying the label’s Miss Marc mascot. The new code will be part of a website available only to Japanese mobile devices.


NYC Gallery Hosts Internet Only Exhibits

In the past year or two we’ve seen both magazines and books move to an electronic format — but now, a gallery in the Chelsea art district of NYC is taking a large portion of their collection online. Called “The Project Room” and located at dinterfineart.com, the site showcases works which can only be seen online and are available for two months before they are archived on the Gallery’s website. This allows Dinter to showcase new and emerging artists while still being able to dedicate their main space to larger scale works. Dinter Fine Art has hosted a “Project Room” on it’s website since March 2004, the first “project room” featuring a collaboration between Brian Belott and Taylor McKimens, titled “Lost & Found”. You can visit “previous projects” for all archived editions.

Source: PSFK

NYC Hotel Creates Elevator to Heaven & Hell

In a new video installation for The Standard Hotel in NYC, artist Marco Brambilia (director of Demolition Man) and Toronto based studio Crush have created a moving mural inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy which utilizes over 400 video sources, including samples from several films. The installation has been placed in one of The Standard’s elevators and when guests look through a viewport it simulates an ascension to heaven or, if you’re on your way to the street, your descent to hell.

Click here for a Q & A with creator Marco Brambilla and video

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Dramatic Ad Uses Eye-Tracking to Change Content

A new ad installation has gone up in Hamburg, Germany that uses eye-tracking technology to change the content. The ad for Amesty International exposes the problem of domestic violence with the tagline “It Happens When Nobody is Watching”. An eye tracking camera recognizes when someone is looking at the poster, and displays an image of a happy couple. When the ad is not being looked at, the image shifts to a man punching a woman. A slight delay allows the change to be viewed. It’s a very effective use of the technology that really helps get the message across.

Source: PSFK

Monday, June 29, 2009

The 10 Most Creative People in Marketing and Advertising

1. Alex Bogusky, Co-Chairman, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
He shattered the rules of 20th century advertising with campaigns that resemble multi-media hijinks, rather than commercials. Brands like Burger King, Old Navy, and Microsoft flock to his Miami-Boulder shop for his brand of irreverence.

2. Lee Clow, Global director of media arts, TBWA\Worldwide
The originator of West Coast-style advertising has spent 45 years elevating the humble slogan to Hollywood-level entertainment. In addition to dreaming up the Energizer Bunny and the Taco Bell chihuahua, Clow's also been Steve Jobs' ad henchman for the past two decades.

3. Jeff Goodby, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
The former copywriter led one of the industry's most graceful transitions from traditional shop to new age interactive agency.

4. Dan Wieden, Co-founder, Wieden + Kennedy
The creative mind behind decades of Nike work built one of the largest independently owned ad agencies in the world.

5.Robert Greenberg, CEO and global chief creative officer, R/GA
The special effects geek had the foresight to evolve his 1970's production house into one of the most technology-driven interactive powerhouses on Madison Avenue.

6. Michael Francis, CMO, Target Corp
He led one of the most radical reputation facelifts in retail history by transforming the discount big box chain into an icon of design chic.

7. Robert Saville & Mark Waites, Co-founders/Co-Creative Directors, Mother/London
The creative entrepreneurial Brits (along with their other cofounders) kick-started the new model for the 21st-century ad shop more than a decade ago.

8. Paul Woolmington, Founding Partner, Naked Communications
The media maestro successfully disrupted the U.S. advertising scene with his agency's approach to media agnosticism.

9. Greg Hahn, Executive Creative Director, BBDO
One of the most awarded copywriters in the industry continues to give a human voice to corporations like Citibank, eBay and HBO.

10. Noah Brier, Head of Strategy, Barbarian Group
His knack for guerilla social media anthropology continues to inform interactive advertising campaigns for brands like GE and Dove.

Source: PSFK

The 10 Most Creative People in Architecture

Which architects have the most unusual, influential visions for the field?

1. Will Alsop, ALSOP Architects

2. Yansong Ma, MAD architects

3. Minsuk Cho and Kisu Park, MASS Studies

4. Rem Koolhaas, OMA

5. Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries, MVRDV

6. Shigeru Ban, Shigeru Ban Architects

7. Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Mueron, Herzog & De Meuron

8. Thom Mayne, Morphosis Architects

9. Zaha Hadid, Zaha Hadid Architects

10. Norman Foster, Foster + Partners

Full version
Source: PSFK

The 100 Most Creative People in Business according to FastCo

When Fast Company magazine constructed a list of 100 creative innovators not every industry could be well represented. Below you will find lists that highlight the top 10 in a variety of industries:

Full version
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The best speech on Cannes Lions 2009: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

These guys are really cool! Their message is strong and clear: If you are not having fun you are not doing it right. Main points of Lean Mean Fighting Machine are follow:
1. Have fun and tell your stories

2. Dont be affraid to look stupid

3. Please use dirty words

Why is storytelling so successful today?

Because humans practice a lotFurther history of storytelling will be presented you in July 2009. Please welcome and join us. And other oucom from this speech is my new position at IQ marketing wich is following

Nikolai Khlopov
Chief storyteller

Тел. : (495) 500-5577
Факс : (495) 500-5588
E-mail: khlopov@iq.ru

Адрес: Россия 105005, Москва
Наб. Академика Туполева, 15, стр.15, 8 эт.

Spike Lee about storytelling

How to be successful in storytelling today? On Accenture seminar actor and film director Spike Lee discuss his recipe for that. He said that we need just try to keep it simle and then tell your story.

Kofi Anan and Bob Gandolf: If we stop CO2 polution right now the situation will change only in 40-50 years.

Please enjoy Dentsu sushi patry

If you are hungry and want real sushi from Japan you must visit Dentsu sushi bar here and taste some of these delicious things
Please note the quality of the product!

What do we know about Asia?

Dentsu share their knowledge about Asia. Now we are common with some japanese insights as this one
This is modern greeting in Japan that means that this country is...To be competetive in modern world japanese work too much. It seems that they even dont sleep!
Sonds like a joke for you, than that do you say about this... He sits just near me during one seminar. Sorry for quality but that boy really sleeps till applouse.

Following Fitch speech we`ve practise little bit in design. And this is result - IQ marketing NIKEiD official Cannes edition

Get a total customization experience at NIKEiD.com. You can customize colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at www.nikeid.com.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Design is what may innovation happens

Because design could help everyone to stay in childhood forcing our ability to dream. It forces our imagination and let us play. Rodney Fitch CBE , Chairman and legendary Fitch Chief Executive Officer figured out that design is the only one languagethat connect people from different countries all around the world.
 We do care about design because all of us clearly understand it. It is form of unique art form that share values of humans in forms of metaphors then people communicate their life experience about life and places. 
Usage of design is sort of participation in different experiences via diesign objects. We should use design to communicate ideas worldwide via this unique language even more in digital age.

Friday, June 26, 2009

And YES we saw the sea!

;) and got a little bit cazy because of itand perform a little public prosecution for some members of our team.

Future digital agency structure by R/GA founder Bob Greenberg

We were somehow dissapointed after his speech about marketing in a cloud which was performed last Wednsday in partnership with HP. It was... let us say politly... ordinary. You know this mark is equal to C (3) mark for such visioner like Bob Greenberg.But he `returned` on his masterclass for young Lions focused on Future digital agency structure. It was real vision supported with examples from R/GA history of success.
We know what we must change us. Now we know what to do. Let`s discuss it on our meeting on one of our Thursday` morning meeting. Please feel free if you want to ask us any

What`s next? New Directors Showcase

Saatchi & Saatchi presented their annualy New Directors Showcase. We saw real line here. Even it was first time on this Cannes Lions festival then we must fight for seats in Grand Auditorium. But we won them! And wil provide you more this set of videos later in Moscow via youtube translation. Place and time TBD.

Share with us The Who songs performed live in Cannes by Roger Daltrey

Please enjoy this video from Cannes stage

and here they are in 1985

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congatulations we are banned as spammers by blogspot because of amount of our posts here for such short period of time!

No time to eat! Just work.

But we need to eat something... Even Canness boards.
Dont worry this is rice papper ;)

Like in old colonial world...

No comment... But we must do something Photo from Microsoft seminar!

Wanna fun click here

ADOBE humor http://makemylogobiggercream.com/

The history of storytelling

Contagious and Leo Burnett create very interesting theory about storytelling history. According them it started about 30K BC the cave pictures and now we still have them onboardand now we still have the same 7 basic story plots... Hmm... We were so impreesed by them that we decided to share this knowledge with you. Because today we have a lot of amazing examples of anicent stories. There are huge number of them. We like this one.

May be you will like others. But lets discuss them later. The rest part wil be presented in Moscow in July 2009. Date and place TBD. So please welcome.

Let`s love crisis

Fernando Vega Olmos, Creative Chairman of Continental Europe and Latam - JWT loves crisis. Because he is from Argentina. County thant knows about crisis a lot of stuff that he shared with us. So we are from Russia may be we shool llook for some advantages in crisis too?
He share his brilliant vision about crisi - this time gives us not only troubles and looses but impulse to change somthing by investing in things that we love.
So guys I`ll present you his story in Moscow later. The best speech today. So all of you are welcome. Time and place TBD later. And we have presents (LEGENDARY UNIQLO t-shirts) for those who know the right word which define Fernando`s approach to life in crisis. Please write it in comments here. We will share right answer tomorrow.

The passion of digital communication

On AdAge seminar participants figured" out the only thing that connect people today. Through cultures, time and different media. This substance is - passion. Passion to foootball, movies, gaming ang many other... So digitality provide us uniqe enviornment to free our passion to life. Thats why humans looking forward digital communication. Not because sertain measurement of value in digital world but because it makes sence/passion for us.

thenetworkone: the formula of success in crisis

Julian Boulding, said that nowadays we as independent players of the media market should foster following key success competences needed for global market. They are speed and quality of our work. And here we must be one step ahed of the big agencies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Promo/PR/Direct shortlist version

If you looking for official info please look at canneslions.com. But here it is our vision on best works in these categories:
Best usage of carBest awareness campaign
Best youth support
best ceremony dress (guess there they are from?)
shelf of our dreamthe only dog won Cannes gold

Participating the Cannes exebition experience

Even agency boards in Cannes are provide us interactive experience.

and we went even further in our participation...

World as a platform for effective communications

42 Entertainment presented their thoughts about future of real and digital world integration. They are too small for us sepatately, but now we could combine both worlds experiencies via technology. This is the only way to be relevant for emerging needs of young generation. We should be more openmindes and don`t be so serious!

Opensource agency! The only way to create time for effective business in crisis.

This is new idea about agency business model presented by ISOBAR. We should be open for dynamic environment:
(a) new economic reality
(b) new services for clients
(c) new people behaviour patterns
To be relevant, we must be open and ready to change way we think and way we act.

Could independent local agency be best one for big internationals?

We dont need big networking agency but strategic thinking and creative solutions. On Textappeal seminar TetraPak and Air Emirates said so... But they are looking not for local infrastructure in each country but for local knowledge and certain level of worldclass thinking. Talking about new models of collaboration with agencies they said that they are interested in new types of networking nased on cross-functional group organization (e.g. best competence from all the world mixed for the project). They call it "Cloud work".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scent of a cinema

As usual SAWA performed great show selebrating the mystery of cinema. They try to proof anonced statement that cinema is the only medium that ignites all our senses. And they did it!
We saw it in 3D.
We heard it in surround. We participated in it.

And... we tasted it!

Seven +1 rules of visual branding by Ohlson Smith

We started with the these:
1. You should now and feel the brand
2. There no place for visuall errors in brandig
3. If you want to stand out, don`t follow generic visual codes
4. If your emploees live your concept, customers even will
5. Brandind is not static, times rapidly changing, so brands do
6. You must be different, there no more place for common things
7. Visual idea held together all brand parts

During the masterclass disscussion together with Ohlson Smith we figured out anower +1 rule which is following:
8. you are not just an agency, supplying branding solutions. You should be real part of branding process and share all clients responcibilities.

Old times are gone and never come back

PricewaterhouseCoopers speech about Global Entertainment & Media Outlook for coming 5 years stated that global ecomomy will defenetly overcome current crysis, but changing behavior of customers will never be the same. Current situation in economy foresed digital transformation. Thanks to downturn, customers changed. Now agency must change their business models because there is no place to hide from the future.

Twitter: Creativity is a renewable resource

This is the point figured out by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. He presented his vision of the twitter future, new media and planned to discuss issues arised by Cannes Lions`and internet auditorium via Twitter... but there was dramatic situation with internet access in Cannes Palas de Festivales. Where weren`t much questions on the screen... Thats why Biz noted that technology infrostructure, on which Twitter is focused now is vital for worldwide spreading of creative ideas targeted to make this world better place to live.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Вчера в Каннах был fete de la musique

или просто праздник музыки. Его празднует вся Франция. Все музыканты выходят на улицу и играют для простых прохожих. На площади перед мерией Канн мы тоже видели как жители этого города поют и танцуют. Пусть не умело, но очень искренне. Посмотрите как это было

TV 2019. Are you scared about future?

Surprise, but TV shows and sports translations will very popular. Why? Because we will love coming personilized media experience via new age broadband channels. It still will be our old good television... May be little be more interactive and personalized... but just a little because where will be no differense between TV and internet. But ad agency model will change as following