Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biofeedback is the New Black

Biofeedback, measuring a patient’s bodily functions and conveying it to them in real-time, has been around since the 60’s, but has only recently become in vogue. Now it may truly become fashionable.

Merging form with functionality, this concept device lets you wear your emotions quite literally. Colors are produced based on your biometric data. It’s like a 21st century mood ring that lets you see people’s “colorful” personalities. From Yanko Design:

The idea is to create another way to externalize how we feel in a language anyone can understand. Someone walking down the street with flash red might be upset, in a hurry, or angry. A computer keeps track of your colors, sort of a diary of emotions that can be turned into choreographed motion graphic pieces.

The concept reminds us of Doria Fan’s RFID bracelet, which also sought to merge beauty with medical utility. The reporting factor is what makes this truly useful. Keeping track of your feelings–the when and the where–sounds as simple as updating your iPod. This idea has also cropped up elsewhere.  Me-trics, for example, correlates your stress level with the other things going on in your life using a simple mobile interface. Both keep emotional diaries that let you observe trends. Then, you can take action to alter your stress level–unless stress matches your outfit, of course[.

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