Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nomadic Homes

Getting its inspiration from the nomadic Romani people, more commonly known as gypsies, the N55, or Walking House takes urban modular dwelling to a whole new


Now when you get tired of the neighbors, there will be no n

eed to pack up and move; you can simply walk your house away. We’re not talking a hasty getaway here, the speed of its six “legs” is comparable to that o

f a human walking.

Providing a “green” lifestyle, the N55 has minim

al environment impact as it relies on solar power, windmills, collection of rainwater, and solar power to heat water. I’m not so sure about the composting toilet walking around but hey, I’m sure they thought it through.

If you’re into growing your own green, there is an optional greenhouse addition.

Those in northern climes would most definitely want to opt to integrate the wood burning stove option.

The designers envision an entire walking villages, where the dwellers are not dependent on infrastructure such as roads and utilities. The N55 Walking Houses can travel just about anywhere, as the units move on all terrains.

Although each module is designated to accommodate four people, on a permanent basis, it might feel more like camping, than an actual house.

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