Monday, December 8, 2008

Amsterdam PICNIC08 Trendmap

Trends are diverse and multidimensional. Trendonomy developed a solution to capture and display trend data using a dynamic map. For PICNIC08 Trendonomy conducted interviews with conference participants to find out about their trend ideas and to visualize their consolidated view on a map. View PICNIC trend map.

All contributed trends have been evaluated in respect to the forces (drivers) they are influenced by.

This evaluation helps to clearly position each trend on the map. Here we are sharing the outcome of the conducted interviews after 3 days PICNIC.

At a first glance it is conspicuous that the PICNIC Trend Map is dominated by trends on the technological hemisphere; only 20% are located at the societal hemisphere.

As the main theme of PICNIC’08 was Collaborative Creativity, it is probably no surprise that most trends were posted in the Trend Groups of CONNECTIVITY, INTERACTION and NEW MEDIA CONSUMPTION bearing a respectable isle.

Taking a closer look at this isle it is fascinating to see that CONNECTIVITY and its related trends seem to have an effect on the trends of NEW MEDIA CONSUMPTION and vice versa.

As the “chicken or the egg causality” it is hard to say what originally gave rise to the other – the technological enablement or the need and desire to get connected. However, the trends of the PICNIC Trend Map reflect a certain desire out there to share thoughts, ideas, pictures, films, music and creativity – new technology makes it happen.

The second biggest isle is determined by the Trend Group SUSTAINABILTY located at the societal hemisphere reflecting one of the most obvious tensions in today’s society. The trends appearing in this isle are all about responsibility, value orientation and “doing good”. A cool example is “carrotmob” (consumption as activism) were consumers are organized to make purchases that give financial rewards to those businesses who agree to make socially beneficial choices.

Thanks to the well informed PICNIC crowd all posted trends show news value and are described with meaningful up-to-date examples such as the “Adwall” (social computer interaction) you probably came across at the PICNIC or the “Meshes” a nice example for interactive art.

Source Amsterdam PICNIC08

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