Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thats all about money

Designboom has compiled a lengthy post all about currency design and artists who use monetary imagery in their work. They showcase money from around the world and explore artists who play with these powerful symbols of wealth. It’s an interesting look at the complex relationship we have with these little pieces of paper and metal.

Designboom explains:

it is said that recession provokes artists, designers and alike to create some of their best work but for some people money is the constant source of question regardless of the economic climate.

money is many different things at the same time. it’s a work of art, a medium of exchange, a representation of value, one, which most people take for granted. everybody has their own answers when it comes to money yet we think that it is more generative and engaging to think about values and doubt. it is a balancing force.

money creates a mood of euphoria. money is one of the major constituents in determining what our lives feel like, what our typical day feels like. money also represents our society. it’s everywhere but money is just an idea - an abstract measurement.

Source PSFK

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