Thursday, March 12, 2009

60BAGS: Reusable Shopping Bags Decompose in 60 Days

60BAGS is a line of disposable bags that can decompose in about 2 months. They are sturdy enough to be used repeatedly, but are made out of a specially designed material that will break down quickly when disposed of.

60BAG explains:

60BAGs are the perfect natural answer to the environment’s needs. They are biodegradable carrier bags made our of flax-viscose non-woven fabric. Its material was scientifically developed and manufactured in Poland. The flax-Viscose fabric is produced with flax fiber industrial waste, which means it doesn’t exploit any natural resources and requires minimal energy during its production. This highly innovative technology enables the bags to naturally decompose approximately 60 days after being discarded, which means they don’t require expensive recycling or disposal in landfills.

60BAGs a breakthrough advance over the so-called “green bags” produced with polypropylene material, as well as the thick plastic bags given away by most clothing retailers. 60BAG is a great commercial opportunity for the companies committed to supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Source PSFK vis 60BAG

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