Friday, March 20, 2009

Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live the News

While many entrenched in the media industry are trying to find ways to prop up the traditional model of print - micropayments, subscription models, media cartels - in the face of economic turmoil, some thinkers - Steven Berlin Johnson and Clay Shirky among them - believe that this attempt at life support is only delaying their inevitable demise or perhaps, reorder. Even as the newspapers continue to sound the rallying cry of, “You’ll miss us when we’re gone,” Johnson and Shirky seem to be of the mindset that despite the rocky times we’re sure to face, new models will develop to replace the old ones. In other words, we’ll get by, somehow. And while neither man claims to be a soothsayer for what sort of media landscape lies ahead, they’ve got some interesting thoughts on the subject just the same.

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