Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Magazine Goes From Concept to Print-Ready in 24 Hours

Mixing a bit of DIY culture with a sense of urgency, a group of volunteer designers, writers and photographers assembled on June 27th in Belgium to produce
the 24Hour Magazine - a 47-page digital publication from scratch in the course of a day. And while the effort involved to realize a completed product in such a short time is impressive indeed, what made the project truly special was the team’s online outreach in the midst of the creation process.

The group shared the entire experience with would-be readers across a number of platforms, including live video streams on Vimeo, blog posts, a Twitter feed and behind the scenes images on their Flickr page. The result is a more personalized magazine - the audience is given a unique perspective on the work entailed as well as a rotting interest - that might help to better justify the cover price, which in the case of 24 Hour Magazine, will rather be steep when it goes to print: 20-30 Euros, though PDF versions are currently free.

Source: PSFK

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