Friday, July 3, 2009

What is the Future of Journalism?

PSFK recently asked global network of experts for their thoughts on the future of journalism.So

What is the Future of Journalism?

“I’d go with fragmented tribal media. Ground up, Wikipedia-style editing. Private philanthropy will support institutions like The New York Times, if they exist as printed media. Everything goes digital in the next 10 years.”

Erik Johanson

“I envision the future of Journalism to be collaborative and social made up of citizen journalist much like combined with features of craislist and twitter where one can search and contribute by zip code and topic, upload photos, videos and share or retweet content.”

Yesenia Hernandez

“The future of journalism is the the future of music production - independent, modular, self-resourced, entrepeneurial. Sometimes relevant, mostly on the cutting edge.”

Constantine Frantzeskos

“The future of journalism is information written, or passed on, from your friends. The tipping point will be when the line between gossip and news is drawn. (as most of my friends choose not to share gossip via electronic media)”

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