Wednesday, August 26, 2009

reStart: The First US Internet Detox Center

Today, in Fall City WA, 2-6 people will be admitted into Re-Start- a 45-day addiction recovery program that treats obsessive Internet and video game habits. The program employs a combination of mindfulness training and meetings based upon the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program, as well as nutritional education and adventure expeditions in a “family-style” setting that lends itself to social interaction- with the end goal being to help the patient re-establish connections to the real world.

Although the problem of Internet addiction has been addressed in South Korea and China with mixed results, the ReStart press release claims it is a growing problem in the US, and that “6-10% of the online population is dependent on one or more aspects of of cyber-technology and the Internet” (although no source for that statistic is given in the press release).

If you’re curious about their acceptance policies, take a look at their criteria for net addiction, and take their quiz to see where you stand.

However, the cost of the whole process is another matter. The Re-Start application fee is $200 USD, and the entire program will cost you $14,500 USD (plus fees) for the 45-day stay.


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