Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bikini Car Wash, Hybrids Only


Yesterday, girls in green bikinis took to the streets of Los Angeles, offering a free car wash to any driver behind the wheel of a hybrid. Coordinated by angrygreengirl.com, the publicity stunt was arranged to promote the site’s, ahem, “hot, green, and shameless” environmental agenda; and to also hawk a new coconut-based, waterless cleaner called Lucky Earth. In other words, water conservation — and perhaps fuel conservation? — were the day’s themes.

As evidenced on angrygreengirl’s YouTube channel, the stunt apparently worked, attracting scads of local media coverage. And while the event’s underlying message may have been somewhat muted by the abundance of green bikinis, there’s a valid point to be made:

Why is it so important to save water even if you don’t live in a draught-plagued state? Because purifying and processing water to make it fit for human use is expensive. Even if you think water is abundant in your area, it still costs the community (and you) a considerable sum to make it potable… Washing your car with a hose uses 80 gallons of water, on average. (To put that in perspective, [a] keg holds 15.5 gallons of beer.)

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