Thursday, December 31, 2009

OLED Wallpaper To Render The Light Bulb Obsolete?

Welsh company LOMOX Ltd. has been awarded £454,000 grant from the UK’s Carbon Trust organization to further develop its organic light emitting diode technology (OLED), bringing hyper-efficient lighting solutions to homes, businesses and roadways. The technology uses electrical current to stimulate chemicals on a surface to produce light and only requires between three to five volts to run, making it 2.5 more efficient than current energy saving light bulbs. Due to its flexibility, OLEDs have the potential for numerous applications from lighting virtually any display – TVs, computers and mobile phones – to entire walls and road signs, and can be powered by greener alternatives such as solar.

And while the OLED technology has been around for several years, concerns over its overall costs and durability have proven to be obstacles to its widespread adoption, challenges that LOMOX believes it has overcome. Assuming that’s the case, the company hopes to roll out the first applications – for outdoor signage and displays – by as early as 2012.

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