Friday, September 19, 2008

FAST FACTS by Brainmail

52% of Korean infants aged 3-5 regularly use the Internet,   spending on average 4 hours every week online.   Ref: Korean Herald (Korea)      
77 billion corporate emails are sent every working day. By   2012 the number is expected to be around 150 billion.   Ref: Wired (US)      
5% of Soviet officials under President Gorbachev had   security service backgrounds. Under Putin the figure was   78%.   Ref: Harper's (US)      
70% of people in the UK have no ties whatsoever to any   local group or association.   Ref: YouGov/Sunday Telegraph (UK)      
There were 411,000 books published in the US in 2007   Ref: The Economist (UK)
Over 50% of Harvard undergraduates had joined Facebook   within 4 weeks of its launch in 2004.   Ref: Fast Company (US)      
The wealthiest 20% of the British population cycles 250%   further each year than the poorest 20%.   Ref: The Times (UK)      
By the year 2050, 90% of British adults will be obese.   Ref: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (France)      
Five of the top ten best-selling novels sold in Japan   during 2007 started life as cell-phone stories (i.e.   digital downloads to mobile phones)   Ref: South China Morning Post (China)      
The Web uses 5% of global electricity.   Ref: Kevin Kelly (predicting the next 5,000 days of the   web - on YouTube)      
A Mills and Boon paperback is sold every 6 seconds in the UK.   Ref: The Observer (UK)      
3.5 million mothers and young children will die this year   due to malnutrition.   Ref: The Guardian (UK)      
In 2000, the death rate of poor people aged under-65 in   the US was 60% higher than for rich people. The figure was   also 100% higher than it was back in 1980.   Ref: New Scientist (UK)       
Air-travel is responsible for around 10% of transport   related greenhouse gas emissions in the US   Ref: Popular Science (US)      
79% of British kids have a TV in their bedroom. 63% of   kids watch TV before going to bed and 58% watch whilst   eating an evening meal   Ref: The Guardian /Childwise (UK)      
The population of China is 1,330, 044, 605 (give or take).   By the year 2050 this is expected to hit 1,424,161,948.   However, the really interesting statistic is this. There   are 130 million people aged 60+ in China at present. By   2050 it will be 400 million.   Ref: China Daily (China)      
41% of the world's population do not have access to a toilet.   Ref: Harper's (US)
Source Brainmail

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