Friday, September 19, 2008


John Challenger of Challenger, Gray & Christmas (a US outplacement firm) has entified a series of workplace trends and predictions for the future. We've also deal with this issue in Top 10 hot jobs of 2012. Brainmail comments appear in brackets.  
1. Teleconferencing could end business travel (false)   
2. Audio, video and web conferencing will grow   significantly (true)    
3. Productivity will increase due to the decline of   business travel (maybe)   
4. Social networking will become the only recruiting tool (false)    
5. There will be no health benefits in the US in the   future (maybe)    
6. Less companies will offer medical benefits to staff (true)    
7. The US will struggle to figure out how to pay for   healthcare (true)    
8. Companies that offer healthcare will mandate wellness   programs (true)    
9. More companies will offer fitness programmes and quit   smoking classes (true)    
10. A 4-day workweek will become standard (false)    
11. Corporate degree programs will shape potential workers (maybe)    
12. Globalisation will increase the exodus of talented   workers to job rich areas (true)    
13. Companies will recruit the best staff regardless of   location (true)    
14. Cubicle life will end (maybe)    
15. People will work from wherever they want (true)    
16. Free agents will be the norm (maybe)    
17. More companies will hire on a project basis (true)    
18. Corporate HQs will vanish (false)    
19. Offices will feature more open spaces and common areas (true)    
20. Companies will seek to reduce real estate costs (true)    Ref: Baltimore Sun (US) 
Source Brainmail

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