Tuesday, September 16, 2008

За всем стоят деньги... музыка vs видео в ролике игры Mercenary 2 от EA

Oh No You Didn't Lyrics - Mercenaries 2 Commercial Song (provided by mysassymind)
Oh no, Oh no, Oh no
Yo Yo Yo
Oh no you didn't
Sucker tried to play me
But you never paid me, Neva
Oh no you didn't
Payback is a' coming
You will be runnin', foreva
Oh no you didn't
Until i get me vengeance
I will never end this mayhem
Oh no you didn't
I'm a mercenary
You ain't got a prayer, you owe MEEEEEE
А вот как все начиналость...

Shilo / Director TVC 
Title:   Mercenary 
Client:   Playstation 
Product:   Playstation 
Agency:   Draft FCB 
Contact:   Mark Hanrahan

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